Cluster Setup

Dilisim provides guidence on hardware selection based on your big data problem sizing. Our System Architects work with you to determine the best hardware for your Big Application. We provide cluster setup services for your new acquired cluster or do health checks over your existing cluster.

Operational Support

Dilisim provides monthly health check visits to your existing clusters and provides 24/7 support to ensure health operation of your mission critical tasks on your cluster.

Our support incidents cover user and operational faults as well.

First level support will identify the cause of the problem to determine:

  • Integration or software level fault  
  • Operational fault
  • User fault

Operational Support also includes:

  • Consulting on new and ongoing projects and evaluation of the roadmap
  • General operational best practices
  • Identification of new projects and suggestion of best practice
Hadoop Support
Etl Hoddop


Dilisim Developers and Architects work with our clients to ingest data from multiple sources to their Hadoop cluster. Processing workloads will be set and data will be transformed according to client needs.


Dilisim provides tools and support for running analytics over client data. Apache Spark, Impala and Hive.

Machine Learning

With our company roots coming from machine learning, Dilisim is the leading company in machine learning over big data. We have various applications of machine learning on big data.


Dilişim builds custom recommendation engines tailored to our customers’ needs using open source machine learning tools.